4.entry (happymiller)

You know when you spend the with almost no sleep whatsoever for three nights in a row? Yeah, you get tired, can’t think straight and feel dizzy and you just can’t imagine what a pain in the ass writing this blog now feels. But luckily I managed to hunt down some more information on the existence of Holy3. I started this project of finding this place on a rather silly and childish way of a doomed strategy. I created a fake e-mail account, posted some topics regarding Holy3 on various sites on deepweb and waited, while of course searching different PDF files, sites, links in order to find either the PDF report or the fucking place itself. I should mentioned I was doing this in my spare time (which stupidly took my sleep time) as my full time job permitted me from doing otherwise.

Luck was not on my side for the first day or two as my posted threads were not responded and my fake e-mail account remained empty. However on the third day I’ve got an interesting e-mail from “happymiller” which stated the following:

“hey peterd

i saw your thread and i think i have some interesting stuff about that place. i haven’t seen the place itself but i did read the report (not the one posted in the archives) i dont have it but you can find it in txx private collection, this fucker has loads of occult shit pdfs and whatnot…so yea, bye.”

I quickly replied asking if he has the link and if he could give more detail on the contents of the report. Simultaneously I started to search for this txx private collection. Just to point out I was aware that happymiller might just be pulling my leg.

His reply (copied from the mail account)

“no, dont have the link sorry. the guy had it in his occult section so i regarded it as strictly mumbo jumbo shit. but other then that it was similar to the one you posted, just better presented i guess. the information was fucking same with the whole mods, chatsite, dreams and stuff.  they did theorise what empty gardens are, the incident and other stuff i cant remember. the pdf also had the link to the site but it just gave you a blank page. bye.”

Ok, I’m very much interested in the theory of empty gardens but far more am I interested in what did he mean by the incident, since this is another fresh thing from Holy3 mythos. I immediately replied with a question on this to subjects.

His reply:

“so, what do you wanna hear first? guess ill start with empty garden theory…the pdf had these theories what the empty garden is and as i remember it ranges from being an actual garden near richmond district in san francisco, being some witty methaphor, some said it refers to the source code HTML or Java others said its clues are in a fucking elton john song. as for the incident it refers to a transcription of a video some guy posted. the pdf said that a user posted a vide showing his brother going crazy days after he went on the chatsite. hope this helps. bye.”

Some interesting things our happymiller has to say so I asked him if he can give a little more description of the video transcription. Luckily I had a reply in hours.

“yea, i hope i can remember though. a guy posted a video on a holy3 thread, i mean in a thread where the holy3 was linked or id rather say planted. the links seem to be planted on random threads by users who never seem to contribute anything other then this link…anyway the video. the pdf described the content of the video that some guy took of his brother some days after the crazy bastard visited the chatsite. he said that his bro started acting like a mental patient days after he had seen the damn thing and posted the video and a small description on the board. pdf described the contents to some details and as far as i remember it showed four different clips. first one is a night vision clip that happens in the room of the guy filming and his bro (they shared a room i guess) and the guy is awoken by his brother talking to no one, or at least his bro sees someone. the clip continues as the bro guy stands up from his bed and goes out, the camera guy follows and they end up in the living room at the corner behind the zofa, there the bro guy is quietly sitting on the floor and just stares at this empty space on the wall and comments to someone. dunno what he said. the second clip shows a home dinner party, family on the film and seemed like thanksgiving but am not sure…anyway people having a good time in the living room and all of a sudden there is a scream coming from the kitchen, everybody rushes and finds the bro guy under the table sobbing, they calmly try to get him up but the guy just screams something about a person not leaving him alone, he refers to “she” i think. the third clip happens in the night, the whole family is awaken by some rumbling in the bottom floor, they go down and the camera shows the bro guy slamming a shovel into the wooden floor of the living room. they try taking the shovel away but the guy goes all fucking crazy and screams something like “its the only way”, an older guy, probably his father wrestles the shovel away and they take him upstairs. the final clip shows him crying and a woman, probably his mother, confronting him, he sobs just “im sorry, im sorry but its the only way” and then it ends. more info on the pdf report reveal that this guy was then handed to a psych ward and he was not sleep walking as the guy remembers everything. he claimed to see the dream girl and needs to find the door so he can get peace from his memories or some shit like that. hope this helps.bye.”

I was kinda spooked when reading this reply and I started to wonder about my friend and his strange behavior when I visited him that day. I also start to wonder who or what Dave is, is he the answer? Is the door? Does Empty Gardens mean the door? I thanked happymiller for the reply and asked him about Dave, however didn’t get any reply as of yet.

My journey continues and this keeps getting weirder and weirder. Till next time.


3.entry (F finally spills the beans)

Seems that luck is on my side. After three days of waiting and hoping, the lucky bastard that actually seen Holy3 finally managed to reveal in some detail his experience with the site. For better and faster understanding I’ll break the “facts” into points of interest:

1)     He got the link via a PDF file

2)     He entered the plain white chatroom site (which many reports indicate its like this) and three names appeared: M44, AndrewS and Ariana (which are the name of the mods)

3)     He was first introduced to M44 who seems like the simpleton of the group. His answers usually consisted of short and simple answers.

4)     After about ten minutes AndrewS started responding to my friends questions. However his answers seem to be his own as he often twists the users question. (Again something that was common by different reports)

5)     Around five minutes passed when Ariana started responding. Her responses were total nonsense until she started mentioning past events of my friends life.

6)     She mentioned a particular event, which my friend refuses to tell. He also mentioned that when she got a hold of this event, every question he asked was twisted so that the shameful event would be applied.

7)     Like some reports suggest, users are the people that often end their conversations with the mods, my friend sticked.

8)     Seemingly hurt, he did not ask any questions but rather just blankly stare at the chat window, until Ariana freely responded with “Find me in the empty gardens”. Some time passed until again Ariana responded, “Please find Dave” and in seconds time the screen supposedly redirected to a blank page.

9)     The link now leads to a blank page (which I expected since the its reported).

10)   He reports that he felt dread when conversing with Ariana as well as after the chat ended.

11)    He reports of the dream involving the dark haired girl

12)   He hasn’t heard of the PDF and never heard of Holy3 before

13)   And of course a warning not to look for it as like reported it can change you completely.

Strangely he did not ask me anything regarding my knowledge of Holy3, which I definitely suspected he would at some point. I was and still am very excited about the findings and yes I do at points think that he might be bullshiting, and of course that is a possibility but my instinct tells me that he is talking the truth…I don’t know maybe I just want to believe and am unaware of the stupidity of the event.

I will continue searching, but I am clueless on how exactly I should start…like they say its like finding a needle in a haystack.


2. entry (Do you know where the Empty Gardens are?)

I’m not sure whether I should reveal it in the beginning or leave it for at the end of this post. What should give a better impact of drama? I’m not sure.

I managed to drive those 164 kilometers to my freaked out friends apartment where I would hopefully get my answer about his dream and what exactly caused it. As I arrived in this typical small town that my country managed to shit throughout history, I find his flat in the usual south side of town. Since he didn’t return any calls nor picked up his phone when I called him for the millionth time I wasn’t sure what to except. I got to the fourth floor and knocked on this poor bastard’s door, hoping for an answer….which I didn’t get.

Nothing…I was alone with silence. I managed to ask a young lady who just passed by if he knows the whereabouts of this guy. She said she last saw him when he went on his usual afternoon cycle around town so I decided to wait and two hours later his face appeared over the staircase. He gave me an unenthusiastic “hallo” and unlocked the door. I actually invited myself in, as he didn’t take any notice of me whatsoever.

I wanted to get to my answers as quickly as possible as his zombie like presence just creeped the fuck out of me. I just blanked out asked:

“Are you high?”

He gave me this serious look, silently shook his head and passed me the beer he just took out of his grocery bag. I continued (what follows is a somewhat detailed recall of our conversation):

P: “What happened? I got your message.”

F: “Yeah, sorry about that.”

P: “Were you trippyin?”

F: “No”

His voice was strangely calm, from our previous conversations he was usually very uplifting and enthusiastic.

P: “So, what happened?”

F: “Nothing, I had a nightmare.”

P: “So you called?”

F: “I’m sorry.”

P: “What was the other thing?”

F: “What thing?”

P: “The other thing you didn’t want to mention on the phone”

F: “I don’t know what you’re on about…”

P: “For fuck’s sake, I didn’t drive here for you to give me this shitty answers!”

At this point he just shook his head and sat down on the zofa, blankly staring at the TV. My plan wasn’t to use any Holy3 references as I hoped he will eventually lead to this. It would have looked far more credible.

P: “Fine. I’m out.” I am just about to leave when I kind of blurred “Say hallo to Ariana for me”

At this point he straight of looked at me with anger, stood up and started shouting.

F: “Do you know where the empty gardens are?! Do you know?!”

Now, for those who have yet looked up for this. I am pretty sure he was referring to Ariana’s Empty Gardens, which the most hostile mod Ariana would often answer when asked where she is (“I am the resident of the Empty Gardens” she would often answer). I calmly replied.

P: “Have you been to the chatsite?”

His anger changed to a hysterical weep

F: “What did she say to you? She knew, right?”

At this point I knew I had him and by my mistake I rained with questions.

P: “I haven’t been there. Tell, me mate, where did you find the link? Are you making this up? Have you read about it?”

He became calmer ,but to my surprise he muttered “Get out of here, man.” and slowly escorted me out. I tried reasoning that I know about the site, that people have witnessed it and that he could tell me, but beside just a “Don’t” I didn’t get any response. I tried banging on the door again demanding more answers but all I could her was the sound of his TV set.

I returned home with a mixture of excitement and regret. At one hand it did confirm my assumptions but then again I didn’t get any interesting detail about this. I tried calling him several times but again he didn’t pick up so I sent him an e-mail explaining my interest in the whole Holy3 phenomenon and kindly asked him to share his experience.

I hope that luck would be on my side and I’d get something, if not I am again at a dead end.


1. entry (Holy3 might be near. Well, 164 km away.)

I have never been really a big blog person, hell I didn’t even bother reading any nor followed any particular person who devotes his or her life in some meaningless wordplay and a competition of who can get the most readers of these unnecessary and almost idiotic thoughts. But here I am writing my first entry into this world of random nonsense topics and trivia.

So, you’re probably wondering what exactly kicked me to start one of these things that by the looks of it I probably despise? Well, it’s an odd little solution, but I am trying to document something that may or may not exist. You’re probably still confused, so let me put it this way: I will try to keep whoever is reading this informed on my journey and discovery of the hidden world of deep web (for those who don’t know what this exactly is…. look it up on wiki or something), and I don’t mean the usual categories of secret files, illegal trade, assassination hits, government secrets and disturbing yet present CP. No I’m here to keep you informed of my journey to the really deepest of deep, the darkest of dark and the strangest of its kind, the Holy3 phenomenon.

I guarantee that 9 out of 10 lowlifes reading this will not know what the hell Holy3 is and to tell you the truth I too really don’t understand the concept of it clearly. So I propose a little backstory to this, so you might get the gist of it.

I browse on our “internets” quite a lot and one of my main sites to go is 4chan, which is this anonymous image board type of site with lots of interesting and at times completely useless and idiotic topics. One of the sub-categories that I often venture is /x/ or in normal words the “Paranormal board” (hi /x/philes, sorry for Rule 1 & 2). So threads on the categories of witchcraft, ghosts, government conspiracy, aliens and deepweb are hot topics when it comes to discussing the “paranormal” there, which leads me to a thread in which Holy3 was “supposedly” first mentioned. The thread was originally about the weird and hidden backbones of the deepweb, in which users shared stories about their own journey to the hidden network and reported “unusual” findings. The thread continued with normal pace until one user started mentioning an abnormal chat-like site with three mods who interact with you and supposedly knowing every bit of detail about your life, past to present and thus eventually manipulate some dodgy event that haunts your memory. After the initial user reported this, questions and answers followed. What is this Holy3? Who are the mods? How do they manipulate? And so on…

Another user mentioned that supposedly a PDF exists, which contains a report on the strangeness and mystery about this chat site. One anon even returned with the supposed PDF entitled “HIDDEN PLACE” which is still for debate if the report is real of just a quick hoax portrayed by a 4chan user (originally it was supposed to be titled HIDDEN PARTS). After days of search by the community, no hard evidence were presented and Holy3 phenomenon soon slowly died, so did my interest….until now.

You’re probably wondering why this “hoax doomed to be only a myth caused by an overly imaginative 4chan user” suddenly, again intrigued me. Well, making a few trips to the hidden part of the internet myself I managed to find a fellow user who may have seen the chatsite with its strange yet intriguing mods. I’ve met this user through an online trade site located in the deep web (don’t worry, nothing particularly horrible on unmoral) and we exchanged e-mail from time to time, catching up with unimportant yet fun to read news about ourselves…Soon we became friends and were very surprised when we discovered that we live in the same country (and mine is pretty small so, thumbs up to the small world expression). At times we even met up and called each other…but enough about this…

This morning I noticed that I had a voice message on my mobile phone and strangely enough it was from him. Bellow you had the transcribed and translated voice message

“Peter…um…*muttering*…it’s a voice machine?…Peter…I’m sorry I didn’t know who else to call. (long pause). I know this is hard to believe, mate but…um…I just had the weirdest dream…I know I should tell you about that thing first, but…*sigh* I cant right now. I’m scared mate…and I’m not high, really I’m not!…*silent* fuck….I was sleeping and I was already feeling shit from…that other thing…and I was awoken by this girl…young girl…with dark hair just staring at me, and she got me out of the bed and took me to…this corner of my apartment, you know where the kitchen is at my place….and she didn’t say anything and was just kneeling there at…at this door that goes down…I don’t know mate, I live in a flat. She just…just pointed and I woke up! I know…it’s a nightmare…so? But I feel sick man…I’m sorry I called you…*click tone”

Ok, this has to be the strangest voice message I have ever received at around 3:00 AM in the morning and from the outsider point of view this is nothing more then just a mildly interesting story: a guy had a nightmare or was on drugs, called me in the middle of the night panicking. I mean its intriguing but hardly anything beyond slightly creepy. Well, from my point its horrific because of one thing – the nightmare describes the exact same setting of the post-Holy3 traumas – the young brunette silently guiding you to this cellar door. And give that he refused to tell me what the “other thing” is I can imagine it may have something to do with Holy3 chat site.

I immediately called him but didn’t get an answer out of several tries. Tomorrow I will drive 164 km to his apartment, trying to find out if this is exactly what I’m hoping it is. Keep tuned!


(don’t know if I should write PS on a blog, seems stupid)

For anyone wanting to know more what Holy3 supposedly is try googling “holy3 deep web” and you’ll get the archive and the fake-ornot PDF on the 4chan threads.